Our company focuses its R&D activities in mostly Electronic Products and Mechatronics Systems. Therefore, our main specialty is Embedded System Design. In this context, we carry out our R&D studies together with domestic and international universities in order to create innovative technologies and obtain products with high added value.

Our R&D Activities:

  • Electronics with High Temperature Resistance up to 240 C (464 F)
  • Electronics with High Shock Resistance up to 3000 G
  • Electronics with High ESD Resistance up to 30 kV
  • Synchronized Motor Design
  • Linear Motor Design
  • Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)
  • Design Optimization
  • Longevity and Low-Cost Studies
  • Magnetic Design
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Direct Drive Technology (for motor driven applications)
  • Ensuring Precise Position Measurement and Continuity for Linear Motor Railway Systems
  • Control Units for Metro / Subway / Railways in terms of PSDs (Platform Screen Door Systems)
  • PMSM Motor driving
  • RF communication
  • IMU Sensors
  • Low power consumption for battery powered applications
  • Optical / Magnetic / Inductive type Encoder designs
  • OTA update and similar technologies


Laboratory Tests

In order to define the work in industrial projects as a product, we take care to carry out the relevant tests and to receive services from both internal and independent laboratories. Examples of these tests include:

  • Ambient temperature (highest and lowest values, reaction to temperature change rates, etc.)
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Immunity)
  • Acceleration tests (vibration, dropping, etc... endurance test of solder other materials)
  • Material tests (alloy ratios, homogeneity, fragility, etc.)
  • Optical and X-ray tests (examination and prevention of invisible cracks on circuit elements)
  • EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference)
  • IP (dust and liquid leakage) tests

Linear Motor Design

We’ve been involved in Multi-car Linear Motor Elevator project since 2008, and our company provides support on the basis of design and application. Our experience in Linear Motor studies has started even earlier together with the academic studies of the company's co-founders. The project is cooperated with international companies from Japan. Linear Motor applications and fully functional demo unit can be seen in our R&D facility and on the Uji campus of Kyoto University in Japan.

Linear motor structure and type in our expertise:

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous (NdFeB – N45/N52)
  • Moving magnet (or moving coil for short motors)
  • Coreless / slotless (air gap) (no cogging force)
  • Multi-split stator structure (can be added end to end and extend to very high lengths in kilometers long)
  • Independently controlled multi movers (multiple motion profiles can be applied on different moving parts on the same motor)

Servo Motor Drives

Our company uses customized driver designs in its work. With these studies, we offer optimum solutions that our customers cannot find in existing general purpose driver products on market. The types of drivers we support are as follows:

  • DC Motor Drivers
  • Step Motor
  • 3 Phase Motor Drives
    • BLDC - Brushless DC Motor Drivers
    • PMSM – Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Driver
    • LM – Servo Linear Motor Drivers