With our "Turnkey" electronic project design service, we are cooperating with you during the complete product life time with all the details starting from the concept design.

  • If you intend to switch your existing solution with a more innovative one with a reduced cost but improved quality,

  • If you have a new idea waiting to be designed and implemented

  • If you want to improve any of your current products with a more technological electronic parts


Embedded System Hardware Design Services

  • Analog, digital and hybrid circuit design
  • Circuit schematic design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout design

    • 1 to 16 layer PCB design
    • Compact (with a significant small form factor) design
    • EMC and EMI consideration on the designs
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Preparing complete Manufacturing Data and Design Documents separately
    • (Optional) IPC (2221/2) consideration
    • PbF (Lead-free) manufacturing compatibility
    • ROHS manufacturing compatibility
    • WEEE compatibility
  • 3D PCB or product rendering images before productions
  • Material determination with alternatives and best supply chain management
  • Reducing material costs with the right component selection
  • Availability consideration during selection of components
  • Considering all critical points to be suitable for mass manufacturing
  • Considering all necessary test pads to be suitable for full functional automated tests
  • User friendly interface design
  • Technical documentation and user manual support

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